Why should you choose Sunshine Pool Care Bonaire?

  • We offer expert advice and a quality product
  • We give you an honest assessment of the pros and cons of having a swimming pool
  • We advise on the best location for a swimming pool on your property
  • We help you decide what type of swimming pool best suits your needs
  • We advise on the best choice of materials

But also

  • We handle your swimming pool project from start to finish, and manage the budget in close consultation with your contractor.

Already own a swimming pool?

  • We keep your swimming pool and/or jacuzzi clean
  • We test and balance the water for proper chlorine, mineral, and alkalyde levels

You don’t want any hassle?
If you don’t live on the island year-round or simply want your swimming pool to be entirely hassle-free? Ask us for a year-round maintenance contract and we will make sure that your swimming pool stays in optimal condition.

Additional services

  • Leak detecting
  • Swimming pool partitioning
  • Parts service: we replace and upgrade lighting, tiles, poolcoating and liners

Go green

Are you worried about our planet and do you want help sustain the environment for future generations? Sunshine Pool Care offers a number of options in support of your wish for an eco-friendly swimming pool. An eco-friendly swimming pool is a swimming pool that uses equipment that saves on water and energy. Solar products and filter systems are a great contribution. Filter systems can minimize the use of chemicals. We also offer bamboo matting, floors, fencing, and roofs.


  • Solar panels, run your pool on solar energy
  • Bamboo, an exclusive Bamboo pool deck, and private Bamboo fencing
  • Chemical free a pool with little to no use of chemicals, for example a mineral water installation and zeolite.
  • LED lightning
  • Energy saving products